Welcome to the EZPass Password Management System - Home Page

EZPass is currently a freeware Personal Password Management System. It allows you to manage all of your accounts, passwords and web site links as well as your credit card information with a single master password! EZPass encrypts all of your information to your local disk for safe, fast access.

Summary of EZPass Features:
  • Easy to use. Drag-and-Drop or Cut/Paste information
  • Portable
  • Account searching
  • Password auditing feature
  • Data encryption
  • Local storage
  • Random password generation
          For more details see the EZPass features page.

What's new with EZPass Version 3.10
  • Added Default Browser option.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge.
          View the complete release history.

EZPass was developed by Kirk & Syd, Inc.
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