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EZPass Feature List:

You only need to remember a single password - while having a different password on every single website you visit. See our FAQ, item #1 on why this is so important.

EZPass can run from a USB flash drive and be installed/run on a computer without a complicated setup process. The application consists of 4 files, however, only 2 files are absolutely necessary:
  • EZPass.exe - The application executable.
  • EZPass.ez - Encrypted information database file.
  • EZPass.chm - Help file. (optional)
  • EZPass.ini - Personal configuration settings. (optional)
Note: EZPass comes with a setup program for convenience only. No registry entries are made.

Password Auditing
EZPass will review all your passwords and calculate a password strength rating based on the password length and complexity. Lets you know of any weak passwords that should be changed!

EZPass uses Blowfish and AES encryption algorithms to protect all of your account information. These are very powerful data protection technologies, if you are really interested in learning more about the encryption methods, check out Wikipedia's pages on Blowfish and AES.

Local Storage
All of your information is stored on your local disk in encrypted format. You data is never transferred or stored on the Internet like other Password Management applications.

Random Strong Password Generation
EZPass has a very powerful and easy to use random password generator. This will allow you to create as strong of password as the website will allow. You tell it the password attributes (i.e. Numeric, Alpha Upper case, Alpha Lower case and/or Alpha Mixed) and password length and it will allow you to generate random passwords.

Credit Card Information
EZPass allows you to be able to store and credit card information as well. As you know, just about any website that requires an id/password will probably want you to purchase something!

EZPass has a "web assistant", this is a small box that remains on your screen once you have selected a website that requires a login. You can drag and drop your account and password information. A big advantage of drag and drop is the ability to circumvent keyboard loggers. If your computer has acquired malicious software that is logging keystrokes to attempt to steal ids, passwords and credit card information - drag and drop will not expose your data!

Data Backups
EZPass will perform automatic backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis if desired. This is a backup of the database on the local drive. You should always backup to an external media device.

EZPass was developed by Kirk & Syd, Inc.
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