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EZPass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. How does EZPass work?
A. EZPass allows you to have a single password to open the "vault" of all your id/passwords. It will launch your website and allow you to drag-and-drop or cut/paste your id and password information to the web page.

Q. What information does EZPass store?
A. It stores your id, password, website address, and notes. It also can store credit card information.

Q. Is having the same password on all websites really that bad?
A. It really is! The problem is if one of the not so secure websites (free e-mail, coupon downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc) has their id/password files stolen, those ids and passwords could be tried on some of the banking, trading or credit card sites.

Q. Is EZPass more secure than storing my passwords in a Word or Excel file with the password protection turned on?
A. Totally! Try entering the terms "password" "crack" and "excel" in your favorite search engine. There are hundreds of programs to break the security of many file types. You won't find an EZPass cracking program out there!

Q. Will EzPass ever have it encryption method hacked?
A. While no encryption method is 100% effective, it is highly unlikely. EZPass uses a combination of AES, Blowfish and a proprietary encryption algorithm to encrypt its data.

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